History of RDAASW

RDAA South West was founded in 1978. In 2018 we celebrated our 40th Anniversary.

Since commencing in 1978, we have created many memories….here are just a few.

Happiness is:

The smiling mum who sees some help with a child’s problem.

The lass that shuffles up the ramp to mount her horse, and walks almost straight when she dismounts.

The lad who never concentrates on anything for more than 2 minutes, yet watches himself on video for 10 minutes, riding a horse.

The little lady who smiles with delight at raindrops on her face as she lies on her back on the pony.

Jumping in horse poo!

The nine year old with very limited sight, finds his name on the board next to his horse, each week he runs his nose down the list to make sure he is still there.

Being able to canter.

When all the helpers arrive in time and everyone has a good day.

The little boy with limited speech, who cries ‘More!’ as we
persuade him to dismount.

Being kissed by your pony.

Escaping from your wheelchair and riding down the bush tracks and finding wildflowers.

Being able to help in some small way to make life more

Winter sunshine glistening on the dew.

The MAGIC of horses

Olga Green