Meet Our Team


RDA riding coaches are qualified under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme. They have skills in horsemastership, safety, medical knowledge, first aid, teaching, selection and training of horses. Many are also highly qualified and experienced in other professions including special education, physiotherapy and other para-medical fields.  Each week our coaches assist children and adults with disabilities, to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of horse related activities.

RDA is always seeking to increase the number of trained coaches.  RDA provides training to its coaches through an accredited training system in 3 progressive stages: Orientation to Coaching (OTC), Level 1,  Level 2

If you are interested in becoming an accredited RDA Coach please contact our Centre.


Get Involved and Make a Difference

Our volunteers are part of a dynamic team working together to deliver the best possible service to as many clients as

Volunteers share their time and talents to support RDAASW, and in return RDAASW provides its volunteer team with a wide range of interesting opportunities and experiences.

You could be supporting a client during a riding session as a horse leader or side walker, or caring for our horses after the ride.

RDAASW need volunteers help with ground maintenance and to take on administration duties in the office. We need talented fundraisers and board members to ensure we continue to practice good governance.

RDAASW also needs the help of people with skills specific to horses: farriers, vets, horse husbandry, carers during the holidays.

And we are always on the lookout for reliable, stable, “bomb proof” horses and ponies, whether to buy, free lease or accept as a donation.

Do you have an hour to spare?

If you are a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, riding coach or can see any way you can help RDAASW’s clients with an hour or two to spare, give us a call or send us an email – we’d love to hear from you.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer with RDAASW contact our Centre.


Special Horses for Special People

RDA horses and ponies come from a variety of backgrounds and pathways.  They can be ex-pony club, horse club or riding school horses.  Even retired high performance dressage horses.

RDA gives these lucky ponies and horses a new lease on life and career opportunities. They, in return, offer total unconditional love. It’s a win-win situation for all!

The ideal RDA horse is between 11hh and 16hh (a hand is equal to 10cm), between 8 and 18 years old and well-mannered, experienced horses with good temperaments.  They can be wide or narrow, but should be sound. Typically horses used in the program are owned (purchased or donated), loaned/leased or sponsored and are trialled for suitability before they are integrated into the RDA program.

Horses undergo regular training and exercise to keep them fit and strong and in good mental health.

At the end of their RDA working life our horses and ponies are returned to their previous owners or retired to pasture.


Although she is our most senior horse (she turned 30 in 2022), Honey still has the sass of a young pony. Through her years of service, she has brought unlimited smiles and joy to all. Honey is perfect for our Hippotherapy program and a V.I.P. (Very Important Pony).

Mr Chips

Cheeky Chips is Mr Personality and will make sure you are paying attention. He loves a good chest scratch and cuddles. He has a very dainty trot and is a great all-rounder, even in his current semi-retirement.


Lovely Mia is another one of our VIP’s and as sweet as can be. A brilliant pony in our hippotherapy program, she is responsive, patient and kind. She is also fantastic in our recreational program and loves to please.


Aria is our up-and-coming future star. She is training to be an RDA horse and is learning very quickly. She is very willing and always the first one at the gate on workdays. We are hoping to have Aria ready to join the program in 2022 and, in the future, join the hippotherapy team.


Our solid boy Shadow is one of our best horses for independent riders. A definite favourite to ride, he can sometimes be cheeky for our leaders. He is very tolerant to riders with mobility or stability challenges. Shadow loves attention and being fussed over.

Peter Pan

Peter is another one of our independent riding horses. He has been trained specifically for RDA since arriving as a youngster. He is an Australian Stock Horse and enjoys both mental and physical work challenges. He is known to work better when you tell him how great he is.

Sunshine profile


Sunshine is the perfect horse for RDA, she has all the qualities that we need. She connects with people on a deep level, is soft and gentle. Although a Standardbred, she was never fast enough to make it to the track. She does have a reputation for gutsing her food and is always the first to finish breakfast.

Bubbles profile


Bubbles has a walk with a lot of movement, making her a great horse for riders with attention deficits. Each year with us, she gets better and better. Not ideal for trotting as she prefers to pace, her long, fast strides when walking more than make up for that. A sweet girl who tries hard to please.

Teago profile


Our gentleman giant Teago is our tallest horse and probably our quietest. Not a lot will phase this fella, he is steady and reliable. Brilliant for nervous or fidgety riders, he is Mr Slow and Steady, with no sign of the speed required during his early years on the track.